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Mr G

Martini Ink


Marta Saviato│Tattoo Artist│Martini Ink

G is the owner of  Hackney Tattoo Parlour since 2014.  He is known for his Polynesian, Tribal and Blackwork. He has been a Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer for 28 years.


Tattoo artist since 2018.

Marta  Saviato is very proficient in most styles of tattooing, but she is specialized in thin line and small tattoos. However, her real interest is in natural element designs, such as plants and flowers, combined with abstract shapes and lines that follow and match the shape of the body.

Tattoo Artist of more than 10 years, Boris Di Prospero specialises in Traditional., Classic, Vintage and Old School style. His fine line work and eye to detail, reflects his many years experience.

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